Olga Gaia

Since the beginning of the agency back in the 50s, the members have been meeting annually in a summer camp type area.

(Nobody knows where it is located, but i can assure you it looks real fancy.)

Do you think they go over there to braid each other’s hair and talk about their love lives?

Well, perhaps they do it as well, I cannot say for sure what they do in their free time. But I do know what takes them there: business.

The annual meeting is when they get to bond and assure their relationships and alliances. That’s when they engage in weird rituals and exchange good cake recipes.

Assurance of power and all that.

This year, for corona reasons, they will not be meeting.

I wonder what consequences this will bring.

Will this weaken them?


Only time will tell.

Olga G.

An open letter to conspiracy theorists out there

Olga Gaia

Dear fellows,

I feel like our kind has been all over the place and I would like to set a few things straight.

You have to choose wisely which conspiracies you choose to believe.

We may be crazy, but we sure can’t be dumb.


The earth is round, you fool.

Vaccinate your kids, for Christ’s sake.


Just stop giving your information out for free in the internet.


You may question the government, but do not question science.


Hope that clears it all out.

Wish you all the best,

Olga Gaia



Olga Gaia

As the pandemic rises I need to bring you a new warning.

I DO NOT believe THEY’ve creted this virus. I DO NOT believe THEY are behind all this.

I AM, however, sure they will seize this opportunity in their favor.

Listen to me when I say this:


Do some gardening, read a book.


That’s where THEY watch you better.